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November 20, 2011

window light

beach day

November 19, 2011

My old bike

My old bike is from 1984, the parts are not much newer than 1993. It is now my old bike since I now have a new bike. Here is a photo or two of my old bike.

Monterey Bay and Jeremy


November 17, 2011

This is The Portable Photo Booth, one of my other projects and business’. I will be overhauling it this winter, making it faster, smaller and more reliable. Stay tuned. If you are curious or interested in renting my photo booth, please check out

Mexico Ride

The thing that first got me into long distance cycling was the sense of adventure. Its a pretty cool accomplishment to ride a bike to some far off destination. In this case I gathered a few friends for a bike ride to the Tijuana border. 107 miles from my doorstep to the border, everyone met up from different locations but we all rode from San Clemente south together, PCH almost the whole way. Here are some photos and if you want to see the route, click here.

I like patterns

This is my current room, I like patterns and easy to remove design decor in temporary homes.