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Bike Movie

Published on August 20, 2008

After all of my bike tests, I put together this movie with some help from Dave Helman. I used the other tripod head and it worked better, however there are just way too many vibrations that go through a bike. Helmet cams are a much better idea.

This will be my last bike mount video, because I got stuck on the mount and rode into traffic, thank God I didn’t die (or my camera get damaged). So I hope you enjoy. Dave will have a full length movie with actual video involved.

please check out in High Definition!

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  1. Tom Hughes says:

    niiiiiiice, i thought you were gonna run over the dog!

  2. Tim Halberg says:

    wait.. what happened to the fixy????

  3. Taylor Allen Balty says:

    Love it man! I miss you!

  4. Chad Cheverier says:

    amtrak/fed ex messed up my fixed gear