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November 29, 2007

My friend Rob Mizell recently asked me to model for an assignment he had since he knew I wouldn’t be embarrassed to get down to my undies in a suburban neighborhood during the middle of the day. below is my favorite shot.

Rob has a pretty awesome portfolio of food, autos, and people. Be sure to check out his: website, blog and flickr.

time with cara in carslbad, ca

November 22, 2007

These are some photos with my friend Cara. She is probably the most awesome friend you can capture however she is a tough one to tame.

hesitant about the 60º water

even in self-portraits i use my shooting eye

hello mrs. robinson

train spectacular

more train awesomeness

well thats all for now, hope you enjoyed the view.

My Brother Dustin

November 18, 2007

Well, I am home in California and spending some time with my brother. My parents are out of town and that means my brother can cook whatever he wants, and for dinner he wanted to eat something exotic. So we took a trip to the local pet store and got some meal worms.

these are alive

this is my brother with a baked worm

and this is the dish he made,
Fried Rice with Meal Worms

If you have not had the pleasure of knowing my brother than you are most definitely missing out. As for the meal, the worms didn’t have much flavor but they are high in protein my brother says, the rice was good too.

Halloween and Dublin

November 2, 2007

My time in Ireland with Cowboy Robot is coming to an end, I will be returning to California on Monday and look forward to new things!

Jon and Kaleb

Me and Cara

a stop sign

Grafton street